Offroad Accessory Wiring in San Diego County. Clean, professional installation of auxiliary electrical systems.

Authorized Dealer for:


Our 4Runner's Complete Electrical Build

About Adventure Wired


My experience is based in mission-critical Government Systems, such as Surveillance Vans, Fire Apparatus and Patrol Vehicles. The last two years I've spent wiring Adventure Vehicles, making a name for myself as the wiring technician for Goose Gear (#wiredbygoosegear).

Meeting the Need

Unfortunately, there are a great number of shops, including chain stores, that do very poor work wiring vehicles. Adventure Wired grew from the need for SAFE, RELIABLE, CLEANLY wired Auxiliary Systems. 

Power Distribution


sPOD, the industry leader in Switchable Power On Demand systems. We are an Authorized Dealer and Installer for all sPOD models and can help you select the right system for your needs and provide a factory-level clean installation.

Battery Upgrades


 Upgrading your factory battery to an Odyssey Group 31, 100 AH, battery is easy with our Stainless Steel Battery Bracket. Fits in 2nd/3rd Gen Tacoma, 3rd/4th Gen 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and 2nd Gen Tundra (Currently Unavailable)

Solar Solutions


Portable self-contained Solar panels keep your batteries topped off and keep your fridge and camp lights running for days without worry. 

Off Road Lighting


The right lighting setup will keep your night runs safe and well illuminated. We recommend Baja Designs lights. Durability, superior brightness, and their 5000K lights reduce driver fatigue  and increases terrain recognition 

Emergency/Utility Lighting


With 7 years experience upfitting Police Vehicles and Specialty Vehicles as an EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) certified Installer, your vehicle can be properly outfitted with the latest in public safety lighting and related equipment.