The Adventure Wired 4Runner

The Battery - A Single Battery Installation


 We use a single battery installation with a Group 31  Odyssey PC2150-31M. It provides 1150 cold cranking amps and 100 Amp Hours capacity, and is easily maintained by our 100W Renogy Solar Panel suitcase. Slee offroad Extensions are used on the military type battery terminals. The hold down is our Group31 Stainless Steel bracket, available in our Shop

The sPOD Bantam - Switched Power On Demand


 We're very excited to be one of the first to install and test the Bantam from sPOD. It provides the power for the Baja Designs 20" OnX6 High Power, Ditch Lights, Left and Right rack lights, rock lights, cellphone booster, water pump, and air compressor.  With built in Bluetooth and two control panels, switches are always easily accessed. 

Custom PowerTrays - sPOD Bantam Model


PowerTrays made for us a custom platform for the Bantam. Made specifically for the space behind the factory fuse block of the 4th gen 4Runner, it has the mounting holes and wire pass-throughs needed to neatly wire the Bantam. The space on the left is used for the circuit breaker that powers the constant powered items. 

Constant Power Fuse Block


A Blue Sea 12 Circuit fuse block is used to provide power to the items that aren't switched. Such as the Fridge, Ham Radio, all the USB ports, the Cigarette Lighter Adapters (CLA), Underhood lighting, and still has room for more. We chose to black out the lid by painting the backside of it with some flat black rattlecan.

Wiring the Interior


Wiring the interior requires removing some panels to gain access to the Toyota factory wiring harness. Following the factory harness ensures that your wires are run along a safe path safe from sharp edges and moving parts. The new harness is zip tied tightly along the factory harness.

Have a plan!


Planning your harness and following it to the tee makes the job move a lot quicker. Extra power and ground wires were included to various parts of the interior so once the firewall grommets are sealed, future additions won't require breaking the silicone open.

12 Volt Accessories

Baja Designs OnX6 20" High Power


Our primary light up front is the Baja Designs OnX6" High Power. The space in the Pelfreybilt 4th Gen bumber is 20", so I wanted the brightest light possible to fit in that space, and nothing beats Baja's High Power line. At close to 24,000 lumens, it's almost as bright as the non-High Power OnX6.

Rack Lighting


The left and right rack lights are Rigid 65° scene lights, two on each side. They provide excellent light in camp, and even somewhat helpful on trails. Mounted directly to the Prinsu roof rack, and powered by a 4-wire cable through the roof of the 4Runner.

Rock Lights


We chose Off Road Only's LiteSPOT's for rock lights. They have a handy super strong magnet, allowing easy movement, but it also has a center hole for mounting permanently, and I chose to do that. With the sPOD Bantam's input capability, these rock lights come on with the dome light

Hatch Lighting


Lumitec dome lights were used in the hatch. These lights are dual color, White and Red. A simple three way switch was used to select White-Off-Red. They provide plenty of light for cooking or rummaging through the Goose Gear drawers. 

Electonics Storage


With a cavity available in the front of the Goose Gear storage cabinet, this space was used to mount the Ham Radio transceiver (Yaesu 8800) and Cell Phone Booster (Wilson Electronics 801201). A spare power and ground was included in the harness as well, just in case.

Water Pump


The water pump system from Living Overland, which uses a Scepter Military Water Can as the container, with a submersible pump. This fits perfectly between the Goose Gear drawers and the right rear trim panel with the help of a small platform to keep it angled towards the wheel well.

Engel Fridge Outlet


The Engel Fridge outlet needed to be placed so that its secure from cargo bumps, yet not in the way when it isn't needed. I chose to mount it on a section of the trim panel that is covered by the seat when the fridge is out and the seat is in the upright position. 

Power Center


 The USB ports and CLA's are placed at the rear of the left trim panel, easily accessible from the back. There are a total of eight USB ports in the 4Runner, four of them are here, two on the other side, and two at the center console. These are the high output 4.8 amp models from Blue Sea Systems. 

Remote Control


Using the Orangeboxx Fab PSD panel that holds up a few Blue Ridge Overland Gear storage pouches, we also attached the sPOD Touch Screen. This allows us easy access to toggle things like the left and right camp lights, water pump, or any of the other items controlled by the sPOD!